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What factors determine the quality of the connector

For many automotive connector manufacturers, the competition in automotive connectors is mainly due to competition in the level of manufacturing technology, continuous development of innovative technologies, improvement of existing processing technologies, maximization of product production power, and guarantee of automotive connector quality .

What factors determine the quality of the connector

At present, the manufacturing processes involved in automotive connectors include three types of precision manufacturing processes, development technologies of light source signals and electromechanical layouts, and low-temperature and low-pressure molding technologies.

1. Precision manufacturing technology: This technology is mainly for technologies with small distances and thin thicknesses, which can ensure that it reaches the advanced level of the world's peers in the field of ultra-precision manufacturing.

2. Light source signal and electromechanical layout combined development technology: This technology can be applied to audio car connectors with electronic components. Adding electronic components to the car connector can make the car connector have two functions, breaking the car connector. Traditional planning.

3. Low-temperature and low-pressure molding technology: In the process of manufacturing automobile connectors, the sealing and physical and chemical hot-melt functions are used to make the automobile connectors reach the effect of insulation and temperature resistance. Quality and reliability.

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