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What is the future without connectors

Imagine what would happen without a connector? At this time, the circuits should be permanently connected with continuous conductors. For example, to connect an electronic device to a power source, the two ends of the connecting wire must be fixedly connected to the electronic device and the power source by some method (welding). There are many inconveniences to production and use.

What is the future without connectors

If there is no connector, all the wires are connected to the wire, and it is necessary to use insulating tape, but it is easy to age and there is a safety hazard. Secondly, the mechanical properties of the direct wire-to-wire are very poor, and the wire is slightly vibrated and stretched, which may easily cause disconnection. Ⅰ generates heat, which causes a fire; the outdoor environment is harsh, and the requirements for waterproof, salt, and aging resistance are relatively high, and the insulation tape can not meet the requirements.

Connectors make the design and production process more convenient, flexible, safe, and reduce production and maintenance costs. If an electronic component fails, the wiring harness equipped with the connector can quickly replace the failed component, or use a new, more complete component to replace the old one. Connectors give engineers greater flexibility when designing and integrating new products, and when composing systems with components.

Especially for industrial connectors, flexibility and safety are more important when used in harsh environments that require plugging and unplugging. At this time, you should choose a simple plug connector with a buckle.

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