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Development and challenges of the wire harness industry

After decades of development, China's wiring harness industry has grown from scratch, from small to large, and already has a certain scale. Its wiring harness products can meet the vast majority of demand in the market. The wiring harness processing equipment industry is also developing at a high speed. Wiring harness processing equipment will be used in electronic appliances, automobile and motorcycle appliances, aerospace and other industries. After industrialization, higher requirements will be put on wiring harness processing.

Development and challenges of the wire harness industry

The traditional wiring harness processing industry relies on manual operation and is a labor-intensive industry. With the increasing complexity of the production methods of wire harnesses and the continuous improvement of collaboration, customers have increasingly higher requirements for the quality and delivery time of wire harness products. Traditional manual or semi-automated, workshop-oriented wire harness processing methods have been difficult to meet market demands. The processing industry must also undergo the process of industry integration. Eliminating outdated production capacity and increasing demand brought by industrial upgrading have created a good market space for wire harness processing equipment. Wiring harnesses are among the fastest growing, most demanding, and most convenient products to install in the electronics and information age industries, from popular household appliances to communications equipment, computers and external equipment, as well as security, solar, aircraft, and automobiles Harnesses are widely used in home appliances and home appliances. In 2010, China's wiring harness production reached 33.3 billion sets, and the market demand will continue to rise. This will effectively drive the demand for wiring harness equipment and spawn a number of highly competitive wire harness equipment manufacturing enterprises. Judging from the development scale of the ICH Shenzhen Shenzhen Wire Harness Processing Exhibition in recent years, the exhibition area has increased by leaps and bounds each year. Old exhibitors are also increasing the exhibition area year by year. There are also continuous influx of new companies to participate in the exhibition. The processing industry is thriving.

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