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What is Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is "Internet + Manufacturing". "Industry 4.0" is a concept introduced by Germany. The United States is called "Industrial Internet" and China is called "Made in China 2025." The three essential contents are the same, and they all point to a core, which is intelligent manufacturing.

What is Industry 4.0

In 2015, there are several concepts in China that are very popular. The first is mass entrepreneurship and innovation, the second is Industry 4.0, and the third is "Internet +". "Internet +" is an extremely huge concept. There are "Internet + Finance" in "Internet +" called Internet Finance, "Internet + Retail" and "Internet E-Commerce", and "Internet + Manufacturing" is Industry 4.0. It will promote the transformation of Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, so many people say that Industry 4.0 is an era of revolution in China as a whole.

What are the characteristics of Industry 4.0?

Interconnected: The core of Interconnected Industry 4.0 is connectivity, which tightly connects equipment, production lines, factories, suppliers, products and customers.

Data: Industry 4.0 connection and product data, equipment data, R & D data, industrial chain data, operation data, management data, sales data, consumer data.

Integration: Industry 4.0 will form ubiquitous sensors, embedded mid-range systems, intelligent control systems, and communication facilities to form an intelligent network through CPS. Through this intelligent network, people and people, people and machines, machines and machines, and services and services can form an interconnection, thereby achieving a high degree of horizontal, vertical, and end-to-end integration.

Innovation: The implementation process of Industry 4.0 is the process of manufacturing innovation and development. Innovations in manufacturing technology, products, models, formats, organizations, etc. will emerge endlessly, from technological innovation to product innovation, to model innovation, to liquid innovation. Finally, the organizational innovation.

Transformation: For China's traditional manufacturing industry, the transformation is actually from a traditional factory, from a 2.0 or 3.0 factory to a 4.0 factory. In the entire production form, from large-scale production to personalized customization. In fact, the entire production process is more flexible, personalized and customized. This is a very important feature of Industry 4.0.

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