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Benefits of overmolded connectors and wiring harnesses?

What is overmolding? In short, overmolding is an injection molding process in which two or more materials are used to combine a harness wire and a connector to form a single part, and the cable assembly is placed in a mold. In this process, the first material substrate will be covered by other materials. The overmolding process requires the use of insert molding (single injection) or multiple injection molding techniques to cover rigid plastic parts with TPU layers or other overmolding materials. So what are the benefits of the connector and harness overmolding process?

Benefits of overmolded connectors and wiring harnesses?

Benefits of overmolding connectors and harnesses:

1. Increase the flexibility of the cable harness exit so that most of the movement between the cable harness and the connector occurs at the cable harness exit.

2. Provide abrasion resistance, impact resistance or impact resistance.

3. Fix the cable assembly by sealing the assembly in plastic.

4. Provide 360 degree strain relief and increase tension.

5. Create a waterproof or waterproof seal to make the cable assembly comply with IP certification.

6. Improve the overall quality, look and feel of the cable assembly, replacing the need for expensive metal backshells.

7. Simplify installation by creating a one-piece assembly with keys as visual indicators to help reduce human error for each pairing.

It is to be said that the main advantages of overmolding of connectors and harnesses are their longer life and higher reliability, and overmolding can shield internal components, enhance protection performance, and help cable assemblies in the worst In the environment.

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