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How to choose a waterproof connector

When choosing a waterproof connector, we generally have to consider the following aspects.

First: The waterproof connector must first meet the relevant electrical, installation, connection, insulation, protection and other technical standards, which is the basis for selection.

How to choose a waterproof connector

Second: Look at the structural principle design. Structural design is very important. If the principle design of waterproofing and connection is more advanced, it is already superior. If you choose an outdated structural principle design, even if the quality control in the manufacturing process is good, it is often in reliability and long-term weather resistance. Sex and other aspects are not as good as the innovative generation.

Third: Selecting a waterproof connector should not only look at the standard, but should go beyond the standard and pay attention to the situation encountered in practical applications.

In addition, the requirements of individual standard clauses are relatively low, which means that the quality threshold is very low, which results in uneven quality. Some test standards are tested in a "standard static environment", and often after engineering accidents, Going to re-test the connector and found that it is still qualified according to the standard. Why, because the laboratory tests have selected standard terms and standard environments, and the application site environment varies widely. For example, the M16 cable fixing head at the end of the connector holds the cable. The requirements for anti-torque, the standard only says that the tensile force reaches 80N, and the anti-torque value is greater than 0.45Nm. However, the connector may be pulled and twisted artificially in actual use, so the actual data may be far from the standard value, and this force It is kept between two connectors for a long time, and after a long period of outdoor use, it often ends up causing the connector not to be waterproof or to have poor contact and open circuit.

Fourth: Look at the production quality control system of the waterproof connector factory. It is easy for the connector company to provide a pair of connectors to provide testing. You can also get a good test score, but at the factory you will find that there is no inspection standard for raw materials, there is no necessary test link for finished products, and repair and inspection of non-conforming products. The lack of procedures and so on has affected the quality of the product as a whole. In the long run, a good quality system control is the most important reference factor for selecting a connector manufacturer, otherwise it will be "large due to small losses." In general, companies with larger production scales and technical testing equipment have a correspondingly higher level of product quality control and stability.

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