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Opportunities for new energy vehicle wiring harnesses

With the development of the domestic economy, automobiles are no longer considered as luxury products, and domestic demand for automobiles is increasing, and domestic automotive wiring harness processing technology is becoming more and more sophisticated. China, as the country with the largest consumption of wiring harness cables, The market potential is also huge. The China Automobile Industry Association released the “Regulations on Management of New Energy Vehicle Manufacturers and Product Access (Revised Draft)” in August 2016 to redefine the scope of new energy vehicles and raise the threshold. The new energy vehicle industry has been a hot industry in recent years, and it has also brought new opportunities. At present, China's new energy vehicle sales are still far ahead of other countries, becoming the world's largest new energy vehicle market. The popularity of new energy vehicles has brought new opportunities and challenges to the new energy vehicle wiring harness industry.

Opportunities for new energy vehicle wiring harnesses

New energy vehicle wiring is divided into charging pile wiring harness and battery wiring harness; the production direction of new energy automobile wiring harness and traditional automobile wiring harness production are completely inconsistent. First of all, new energy vehicle wiring harnesses are generally in a high current and high voltage environment, which requires higher heat dissipation and are thicker than ordinary automotive wiring harnesses. Second, new energy vehicle motors are generally installed in the front of the vehicle, but the battery is generally in the vehicle. Rear position, so it is generally wired outside the car to prevent new energy vehicles from failing. Generally, cars are wired inside the car. Finally, the motors of new energy vehicles use AC power. The interference is very serious because of the need to shield the interference. Better tightness. Although the output value of new energy vehicles compared to traditional fuel vehicles is small, because of its characteristics and requirements, the technical threshold for producing high-voltage wiring harnesses is relatively high, and competition is relatively reduced. At present, the single-product profitability of new energy vehicle wiring harnesses is higher than traditional cars However, as the new energy market continues to grow, more companies will pay attention to the new energy vehicle market in the later period. In addition, most of the automotive electronics and intelligence, automotive wiring harness will also develop toward high voltage, light weight, and standardization.

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