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Automotive wire harness crimping

Automotive wire harness crimping definition: A connection method for wires and terminals during the assembly of wires during crimping.By applying a certain mechanical external force (referring to stripping the insulation of the wire and pressing the terminal to engage the conductor), two types The materials are tightly bonded to achieve the purpose of electrical conduction or firm bonding. Therefore, precision crimping tools can ensure good crimping quality. Current crimping tools include manual tools, semi-automatic crimping equipment, and fully automatic crimping equipment. Three.

Automotive wire harness crimping

Function: Good crimping terminal can reduce resistance, reduce copper wire oxidation at crimping place and have various excellent properties such as firm tightness and good electrical conductivity, firm tightness explanation: within a certain range after tensile test Not to be pulled loose or disconnected.

Notes on crimping: a. Whether there is any problem in the installation and debugging of the equipment, which directly affects the quality of the terminal crimping. (For example: the mold has no looseness, the terminals are in place, there are no impurities in the mold, etc.) b. The gestures of the employees are placed. Incorrect gestures will cause various different defective products.

The crimping process is the most important part of the entire wiring harness manufacturing process, so the quality control of this ring is particularly important. Therefore, we must strengthen the management of molds, the training of equipment commissioners, the training of crimping personnel, Strengthen the inspection of the crimping process on site, keep a record of each link, and control the quality of the product to the greatest extent.

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