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Harness Sustainable Development Road

With the rapid development of Internet technology, wiring harnesses also follow Internet technology. The development of multimedia technology and various intelligent systems, more to bear the important functions of analog digital signal transmission, system module control, play the role of blood vessels and nerves in the overall functional structure of special equipment.

Harness Sustainable Development Road

Between various types of electrical equipment and equipment, the functional modules inside the equipment generally need to achieve the connection and separation of power signals or data signals through connectors. Between the connector and the device, the connector and the connector are often connected by a cable. A wire harness refers to a detachable connection that uses a certain termination method and protection method for the connector and the cable as a whole. Device. The function is to directly realize the connection and separation of the current and data signals between the equipment and the functional modules inside the equipment.

China's wiring harness industry is still in the development stage. Only a few types of wiring harnesses can reach the level acceptable to the international market and can participate in competition. Most of the types of wiring harnesses need to be developed urgently to improve their level and grade. At present, there are thousands of domestic wiring harness manufacturers in China, which belong to the completely competitive market.

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