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How wire-to-board connectors can reduce jack wear

Experts should know what a wire-to-board connector is. It refers to the connector of wires and circuit boards. The function of the connector is mainly used to transmit power and signals. Therefore, wire-to-board connectors are the ancestors of all connectors. According to different uses and requirements, the types of wire-to-board connectors can be said to be endless. Most of us distinguish between the distance of the pins and the current and voltage transmitted.

How wire-to-board connectors can reduce jack wear

At present, the world's leading wire-to-board connector manufacturers are mainly Molex, FCI, JAE, JST, etc. For the connector sales model, it has mainly developed into an agent-based marketing strategy. Connector manufacturers are based on annual data reports and authoritative national statistical data. They mainly use a combination of macro and micro analysis methods to describe the industry overview, and perform detailed analysis on wire-to-board connectors.

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