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The pain point of warehouse management

Efficient and orderly warehouse management is related to the prosperity of the company! So, what are the pain points of electronic component warehouse management?

The pain point of warehouse management

1. There are many product models, and the storage personnel have a long time to get started. The number of electronic components is large and the name is complicated, and the material numbers are similar. It takes a long time for the novice to understand the materials to achieve independent receipt and delivery.

2. Warehouse physical and system inventory will never be right. Because the warehousing process is not standardized, the personnel operation is not coordinated, the warehouse staff misplaces the data, and the interval is relatively long. When the inventory is known, the data is abnormal. There is no way to query the person in charge of the problem and cannot manage it from the system.

3. The warehousing personnel take the wrong goods, the marking personnel mislabeled, or the labeling is misplaced, which will cause the customer to find errors after receiving the goods, and even some of them will find the problem after use, need to be reworked, fine, and serious Directly do not continue with your next cooperation.

4. Customer labeling requirements are increasing. Due to the development of the Internet, there are more and more customers using the internal management of the system, and the customer will give the supplier a lot of requirements in order to facilitate the receipt of the goods. In order to meet the requirements of the customer, the company needs to work overtime to catch up.

5. Brand substitution/tag swapping is labor intensive and error prone. Due to the shortage of the market, many brands can't buy it, there will be substitutions with other brands, and the time and labor costs required for the replacement part will be great. Once the substitution is wrong, the price paid is incalculable.

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