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Three industrial application requirements for RJ45 connector

In modern industrial production, due to the processing machinery and manufacturing principles, the production environment is difficult, and there may be a lot of heat, dust, moisture, corrosive liquids and vibrations. These can affect the life of the components and connectors. Therefore, when manufacturing RJ45 connectors for industrial applications, not only waterproof and dustproof, but also signals cannot be lost, and the following three requirements must be met.

Three industrial application requirements for RJ45 connector

First, the transmission speed is faster:Productivity is critical to industrial production, and data transfer is one of the important steps to increase efficiency and increase production. This is a technology that RJ45 connector manufacturers need to focus on.

Second, good mask function:Good mask function is not only waterproof and dustproof, but also protects against external signal interference and noise. There are many electronic devices in the factory, so signal interference is a serious problem. To ensure more stable transmission, interference must be reduced. Noise is an important factor affecting signal stability in noisy factories. Therefore, RJ45 connector manufacturers can make improvements based on these factors.

Third.,good product design details:The equipment used for industrial production is relatively large in size, but every detail is important, including a small screw. Therefore, RJ connector manufacturers must take all controllable factors into account during the development process. Line positions cannot be crossed or misplaced.

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