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The quality management system of connector manufacturers

The yeahui connector can meet customers' needs for miniaturization, high performance, versatility, high speed, high temperature resistance and high current. The products are not only highly reliable, but also rich in fields, including communication equipment, automobiles, medical equipment, industrial equipment, agriculture, ships and so on.

The quality management system of connector manufacturers

Because the times are advancing, people have a wide range of connector applications in real life, so connector manufacturers are very strict in quality control, because the production connectors use some sophisticated product testing or connection, if their own quality management system is not enough If you go to check the quality of the product, it will be a bad news. All the connector manufacturers must have a formal quality management system in production. The quality of the product must be strictly controlled.

In the production connector, mainly follow the four steps of PDCA, which can be applied to many product quality management. The following explains the four steps of P, D, C, and A.

P:is the meaning of plan, plan, in the early stage of production to do a good product testing program.

D:is the meaning of do, execution, planning must be carried out one by one according to the plan.

C:check, check, check and prepare for the implementation of the plan and the problems in the connector production.

A:it is an action, a countermeasure, an improvement measure for the problem of the place of emergence, and a suggestion for improvement in the later stage of prevention.

According to the above four steps of PDCA, basically the quality of the product has been perfected in theory. Why is it theoretically, because there are always some uncontrolled factors in the specific operation, so the tester It is also very important that connector manufacturers also need to provide knowledge training for quality management personnel.

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