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How to choose a qualified waterproof connector

The first is heat resistance, and the waterproof connector has good adaptability at both high and low temperatures. The maximum temperature can reach 200 °C (except for a few high temperature special waterproof connectors) and the minimum temperature can be as low as -65 °C. Due to the resistance, the device generates a lot of heat under electric working conditions and the device heats up. So the temperature we usually refer to consists of ambient temperature and contact temperature.

How to choose a qualified waterproof connector

The second is that the waterproof connector can effectively adapt to the salt spray resistant environment. Generally structural metals, the contact surface may have electrochemical corrosion. We cannot avoid the salty and wet working environment. However, the performance of the waterproof connector can be improved to prevent the device from being corroded, and the performance of the connector is generally tested by a salt spray test. A certain concentration of NACL is used to compress the air to create a salt spray atmosphere. The general waterproof connector can last up to 48 hours.

The third is the shock resistance and impact resistance of the waterproof connector. These two parameters are particularly important in special environments such as aerospace, aerospace, rail and road transport. It is also a measuring rod for strong and electrical contact. In the impact test, the peak acceleration, duration and shock pulsation waveform and the time the electrical connection was interrupted.

The fourth is the humidity of the environment. The standard requirements for waterproof connectors for power supplies must be strict, as the humidity of an environment may affect the waterproof connector. Therefore, it is necessary to check the temperature resistance of the waterproof connector. Electrical performance is the basic performance of waterproof connectors, and mechanical performance is one of the important indicators of the life of waterproof connectors.

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