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RJ45 is also called crystal head.

RJ45 is an important interface part in the network connection. It is a kind of plastic connector that is inserted in a fixed direction and automatically prevents falling off. It is used for network communication. Because it looks like crystal, it is also called crystal head. Mainly used to connect network card ports, hubs, switches, telephones, etc.

RJ45 is also called crystal head.

When making the crystal head, make the shrapnel of the crystal head face outward, the entrance line is facing down, from left to right, follow the above line sequence, fully insert the line, and then clamp it with the cable clamp.

1. Cross-line connection is used between devices of the same type, and straight-through lines are used between different types of devices;

2. The router and the PC belong to the DTE type device, and the switch and the HUB belong to the DCE type device.

3, RJ45 network connector practice generally by 568A and 568B two standard practices, according to the same standard on the straight line, the different standards are cross lines. No matter how the wiring is done, when the RJ45 line tester is used after the final test, the eight indicators should flash in sequence.

The network cable line sequence is wrong. There are two correct line sequences for the network cable, direct connection and cross line. Most of the current use is straight line, the line sequence is as follows: brown, white brown, green, white blue, blue, white green, orange, white orange. Line order errors can affect data transmission, sometimes you can go online, sometimes the access display is normal, but you can't get online, or simply show that the network is limited. Sometimes different computers connected to the same network can access the Internet, and some can not access the Internet may be the problem. The solution is to change the cable of a normal line sequence, or re-do a correct line of crystal heads. Generally check the crystal head using the line gauge to see if the light is in the correct order.

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