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Harness processing seven: visual inspection and packaging

1. When the wire harness is subjected to two PVC moldings, it is not allowed to be packaged, and product inspection is required. 1. Check the length, appearance, and functional test of the product. 2. Inspection and confirmation before product packing. 3. The shaving edge, the appearance of the full inspection, the first confirmation of the package. 4. Inspection and confirmation of outgoing materials before shipment. Functional tests include: the label is wrong, the material is wrong, the terminal is PIN, and the plastic bag is wrong.

Harness processing seven: visual inspection and packaging

2. The problems that should be paid attention to when packaging and packaging are: product specifications, quantity, and packing method. First, the wire plastic bag is packaged, and the packaging method is in accordance with the drawing standard. Packing and assembling methods should also be in accordance with the drawing standards, confirmation before packing, weighing, and filling out the label outside the box.

3. After the packing is completed, notify the business merchandiser that the goods have been loaded, the express contact between the business and the merchandiser, and other problems in the shipping.

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