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Harness processing 6: forming

Molding requires the use of an injection molding machine. Its function is to use thermoplastic molding or thermosetting materials to produce corresponding shapes according to customer's drawings.

Harness processing six: forming

The injection molding machine works like the working principle of an injection syringe. The plasticized molten state (i.e., viscous flow dynamics) is injected into the closed chamber by the thrust of the screw (or plunger). The process of obtaining the product after curing and curing. Injection molding is a cyclic process, and each cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding - melt plasticizing - pressure injection - mold filling cooling - mold extraction. After removing the plastic part, close the mold again for the next cycle.

There are three main aspects after the completion of molding. The first is the appearance quality, including integrity, color, gloss, etc.; the second is the accuracy between size and relative position; the third is the physical properties and chemical properties corresponding to the application. Electrical properties, etc. These quality requirements are different depending on the use of the product. The defects of the product mainly lie in the design, manufacturing precision and wear degree of the mold. But in fact, technicians in plastic processing plants often suffer from the difficult situation of using technology to compensate for the problems caused by mold defects.

Process adjustment during production is a necessary way to improve product quality and yield. Since the injection cycle itself is very short, if the process conditions are not well mastered, the waste will continue to flow. When adjusting the process, it is best to change only one condition at a time, and observe a few more times. If the pressure, temperature, and time are unified and uplifted, it is easy to cause confusion and misunderstanding. If there is a problem, it does not know what it is. The measures and means to adjust the process are various. For example, there are more than a dozen possible solutions to solve the problem of product dissatisfaction. It is necessary to choose one or two major solutions to solve the problem and solve the problem. In addition, attention should be paid to the dialectical relationship in the solution. For example, the product has a depression, sometimes it is necessary to increase the temperature of the material, sometimes to reduce the temperature of the material; sometimes to increase the amount of material, and sometimes to reduce the amount of material. It is necessary to recognize the feasibility of solving the problem of reverse measures.

At the same time, the use of injection molding machines is also harmful: the mechanical deformation of the machine, the viscosity of the oil is reduced, the rubber seal is deformed, the oxidation of the oil is accelerated, and the component pressure of the air is also lowered. Injection molding machines and molds require regular maintenance to reduce mold damage and ensure mass production quality meets customer needs.

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