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Wiring harness 5: first test after assembly

The basic task of the test is to obtain useful information, through the use of specialized instruments and equipment, design reasonable experimental methods and necessary signal analysis and data processing, so as to obtain information related to the tested object.The final result of the test is to input the displayed information into the information processing library for control.

Wiring harness 5: first test after assembly

After the wiring harness assembly is completed, it must pass the first test to test whether the assembly is qualified. It can check whether the line position conforms to the drawing standard, whether the PIN is returned, and whether there are high and low needles.Whether the current is up to standard, whether the resistance is too large or too small, the wiring harness is required to be 100% energized, and the various electronic components added on the wiring harness can be tested to verify whether it meets the service standards.Connector and test head matching standard.If it does not meet the standard, it must be reworked or scrapped. The reworked must meet the requirements. If the reworked cannot meet the requirements, it can only be scrapped.

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