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Harness processing 4: assembly

Wire harness assembly process must be familiar with the product, familiar with the product to know how to look at the drawings to assemble, through product inspection focus and problems, master the key points of the product, improve operational skills, improve product qualification rate.

Harness processing 4: assembly

Inspection focus: 1 rubber core, connector or socket specifications. 2 PIN point requirements. 3 After the assembly is completed, there is no return pin, the terminal is skewed, and the single force phenomenon occurs. 4 visually measure high and low needles. 5 two or more people need to be labeled when assembling, to facilitate subsequent process inspection.

Assembly first steps: 1 look at drawings, processes, record sheets; check materials, connectors, rubber cores; pay attention to past abnormalities, new products; 2 understand wiring method, rubber core PIN point front diagram; 3 first self-test

Sampling of the assembly process, must check items: 1 must check items: whether the terminal is PIN, the terminal pull back and visually measure the high and low needles. 2 sampling items: assembly connector PIN point connection method

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