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Harness processing three: crimping and soldering terminals

The manual soldering technique is to melt the solder at a certain temperature, and the molten solder is spread along the surface of the weld by capillary suction to form a wett of the solder and the weld, and the weld is firmly bonded to the core of the wire. Has good electrical conductivity. The crimping technology is to apply a certain pressure to two specific metal surfaces by a crimping tool or equipment at normal temperature, so that the metal joints can be properly plastically deformed to produce a reliable electrical connection, which has good mechanical strength and excellent Electrical performance and environmental resistance.

Harness processing three: crimping and soldering terminals

We also need to understand the terminals. The terminals are the main components for wire processing. There are many types of terminals. The crimp terminals need to use the open terminals, and the wires are placed on the terminals of the crimping parts from the side. Most of the welding terminals can be welded, but the working hours are large, the technical requirements are high, the efficiency is low, the inspection is difficult, and subjective factors are many.

After the terminal is crimped and welded, it must pass the tensile test. It cannot be pulled or broken within a certain range. If it breaks or falls off, we must check the crimping and welding faults before inspecting and repairing. This is also a factor that affects quality.

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