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Harness processing 2: cutting line

With the rapid development of the times and the advancement of science, we will choose to use automated machinery in the production process, so we must choose a high-quality wire stripper. The wire stripping machine is a wire harness processing device mainly used for the protective layer of the stripping outer layer, and is widely used for automobile wire harness processing, audio wire, data wire processing, dismantling and recycling of used wires. The fully automatic wire stripper strictly cuts the wire harness.

Harness processing 2: cutting line

We confirmed the wiring harness according to the customer's drawing and the wire harness also complies with international standards. Then, we must first determine the length of the cutting and stripping according to the drawing and confirm that the sample and the sample meet the drawing standards. Then mass production, during the cutting process, QC carries out a sample inspection to check whether the appearance of the wire harness is worn, whether the size is qualified, whether the peeling size is acceptable, whether the appearance is damaged, and whether the cutting is qualified.

The quality control of the cutting line must be in place and the controllable factors should be kept to a minimum to provide the best quality and the most suitable price for the customer.

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