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​Wire harness processing 1: wire selection

The wire is equivalent to the trunk of the human body for the wire harness. In the process of wire harness processing, the choice of wire is the most important step. If the wire is not selected at the beginning, then the finer and stricter control of the latter work will become a major failure of this product.

Wire harness processing 1: wire selection

The wire harnesses required for wire harness processing have different requirements for wire selection. The wire harnesses are applied to different environments and the harnesses have different adaptations to the surrounding environment. So how do we choose a good wire? First of all, according to the drawings provided by the customer, we can determine which type of wire the customer wants. We will then select the appropriate wire by checking the appearance of the wire, the number of bends, the temperature resistance level, the friction resistance and the corrosion resistance. When checking the number of bends, we use a rocking tester to test how many bends the wire can withstand to understand its useful life.

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