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How to test the life of the connector

The insertion force tester is a test port or connector life tester. It is suitable for the insertion force and pull-out force test of various connectors. It can be used for plugging and rewinding life test and plugging force of various connectors and terminals. Tested by servo motor drive, low noise and long service life.

How to test the life of the connector

Introduction of the characteristics of the insertion force tester:

One. The fixture has left and right and front and rear fine adjustment functions, which can more accurately align various types of switches, buttons, connectors and connectors. When testing, the male and female connectors can be automatically prepared, and there is no problem of eating unilaterally.

Two. The load-bearing element overload has a protection function to ensure that the load element is not damaged.

Three. The automatic load zero is detected, and the origin can be set to detect the load value.

Four. It has a display load-stroke curve and a life curve during the test.

Five. the load unit shows that N, Ib, gf, kgf can be switched freely.

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