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Trends in military connector

The military field is a special application field for connectors. This not only means that the performance of the connector products is more sophisticated. For the military contest between countries, the military connector are an important symbol of the national military strength.

Trends in military connector

The military connector is the basic component necessary to form a complete weaponry system. It is a special type of sensitive connector compared to commercial connectors. It has outstanding features: strict manufacturing tolerances, robust construction and high reliability. High cost and harsh environment. Connectors used in the military industry have traditionally included circular, rectangular, printed circuit boards, RF, and a small number of specialty connectors.

According to research by Fleck Research, a well-known American research company, most of the world's connector manufacturers report that applications in the military/aerospace sector are growing. Reconnaissance aircraft, missiles and smart bombs are the main factors leading to the continued growth of connectors. In the Iraq war, laser-guided bombs and satellite-guided bombs tripled, replacing the weapons in the Afghan war. General fighters are equipped with cluster bombs, free-release bombs, and laser-guided bombs, which require separate connectors in flight, disconnect connectors, tower connectors, pull cord connectors, and interstage connectors. The demand for these connectors has risen rapidly to $206 million, and worldwide demand will include $616 million if all types of connectors, such as PCB connectors and I/O connectors, are included.

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