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What is a circular connector

The circular connector is also called an industrial connector, and the circular connector is composed of a detachable plug and socket. The main components are housing, contact body, insulator and attached body. The basic structure is cylindrical and has a connector with a nearly circular mating face. Suitable for circuit connections in water or in harsh environmental conditions to meet the needs of cable connections between electronic devices.

What is a circular connector

The cylindrical structure of the circular connector has natural robustness and a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other shape. It is easy to machine with standard machine tools, is easy to seal, easy to insert and unload. Simple and secure locking mechanism. Ten years of technological development have made it a complete and reasonable process and high reliability. Therefore, where a multi-contact connector is used to interconnect components and cables, cables and cables, a circular connector is the first choice.

Since its development, the M12 has ensured reliable connection and stable transmission in the most demanding environments. It is the preferred interconnection system in industrial automation, mainly used for sensors. Actuators, as well as industrial Ethernet and fieldbus devices. It can be said that the M12 connector has been helping the industry automation field to innovate one after another.

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