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The development of pin header electrical connectors

With the continuous expansion of the application of the pin header connector, the introduction and upgrade of the connector product production technology has created fierce competition in the connector market. With the transformation of import-trade-local manufacturers, the price of pin header has gradually become more favorable, and the competition between the high-speed development of the manufacturing industry has also led to technological innovation and low cost among domestic manufacturers of pin headers.

The development of pin header electrical connectors

At present, the main problem facing the entire pin header market is the threat of substitutes. For now, the main substitute for connectors is terminals, and the threats in the mid-to-high-end market are not very large, but they are faced in the low-end market. With fierce competition, when buyers are facing cost pressures, they tend to use terminals that are currently relatively inexpensive.

The profits of enterprises are squeezed by buyers and suppliers. The buyers of connectors are mainly producers of products and equipment. Their market concentration is high, the degree of standardization is high, and their profitability is declining in the current market economy environment. so in the procurement process often use the current information is more transparent in the context of the continuous low price, while the main suppliers of the pin header electrical connector manufacturers are aluminum, copper, silver, gold and engineering plastics and other raw material suppliers, The concentration and standardization of the buyer's industry is relatively high; the buyer's transaction volume is very large; the degree of product differentiation is small; in general, the seller's bargaining power is relatively low, which results in a small profit margin for the enterprise.

Although the overall market is currently threatened, opportunities are more threatening than threats. Through the clear analysis of the target market users, uses, product features, price points, user needs and preferences coupled with the corresponding marketing strategy, the pin header electrical connector is constantly evolving in the process.

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