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​High frequency transmission of the connector

High-speed transmission means that modern computer, information technology and network technology require that the time-scale rate of signal transmission reaches the megahertz band, and the pulse time reaches sub-milliseconds, so high-speed transmission of electronic connectors is required. The high frequency is to adapt to the development of millimeter wave technology, and the RF coaxial electronic connectors have entered the millimeter wave working frequency band.

High frequency transmission of the connector

Although short, thin, light, energy-saving and low-cost is the direction of consumer electronics, the following two aspects determine the evolution of power supply to high current in quite a number of applications. Let us take the common computer CPU as an example to illustrate its reasons: First, the computer performance is improved, the CPU operation speed is increased, the number of required transistors is increased, and the power consumption is increased. When the voltage is constant, the current is proportionally increased. Second, with the advancement of semiconductor technology, the operating voltage of the transistor Gradually lowering is conducive to reducing power consumption, but its physical characteristics determine that the power consumption is reduced by less than the voltage. Therefore, the current increase is also an important indicator to test the development of high-performance electronic connectors.

Anti-signal interference and shielding, as the data transmission speed increases, the effects of capacitance and impedance become more apparent. Signals on one terminal crosstalk to adjacent terminals and affect their signal integrity. In addition, the ground capacitance reduces the impedance of the high speed signal and attenuates the signal. In the new connector design, each signal transmission terminal is separated from each other. Differential signal pairs do a good job of this because each side of the differential signal pair has a ground pin to reduce crosstalk. Typically the first layer is the area where the legs are opened to separate adjacent ground terminals. The next level is the ground shield installed between the rows. The top layer application will include a metal ground structure surrounding each signal terminal. Such metal shielding achieves the best combination of data transmission speed and signal integrity.

Resistant to extreme environmental use reliability and environmental protection. In the modern high-tech industry, there are many connectors that are used under extreme environmental conditions. In ultra-high temperature, low temperature, vibration, hot and humid environment, corrosive environment, the electronic connector can be effectively used normally, which makes the raw materials in the connector. There are higher requirements in terms of selection, structural design and processing technology. New high-temperature materials, new electroplating processes, and more flexible alloy materials make future connectors more adaptable to harsh environments.

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