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Connector method of RF connector

When the RF connector is in use, the connection method must be understood. Otherwise, the connection part is stable and easy to cause a short circuit, which affects the performance, but leaves a safety hazard. The following yeahui tells you how to connect various types of connectors!

Connector method of RF connector

one. Threaded connection: such as 7/16, N type, TNC type, SMA type, etc. Thanks to the threaded connection, the plug and the socket are more stable, reliable, and more resistant to vibration and impact.

two. Bayonet connection: such as BNC, C type, Q6 type. Because of the bayonet connection, it is easy to use, the connection is not easy to loose, and the separation is very fast, and it is used in many medical equipments and electronic instruments.

three. Plug-in connections: such as SMB, MCX, QMA, QN, etc. It is characterized by the use of a locking structure. Most of them are small in size, light in weight and compact in structure. Applicable to the equipment and equipment that require weight and volume. The features are suitable for drawer, arranging and building block installation.

four. Floating connections: such as MBX, AFI, BMA, etc. Due to the floating connection, it is easy to use and has a certain blind insertion function. The X, Y and Z directions can be offset by 1mm, even larger, and the separation is very fast, and is mostly used for the connection between the PCB boards.

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