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The development trend of automotive connectors

As consumers demand more and more electronic functions inside the car, and the electronic functions that can be provided inside the car are becoming more and more abundant, the car connector becomes the fastest growing segment of the automobile parts. Below is a summary of the development of automotive connectors.

The development trend of automotive connectors

At present, global automotive connectors account for about 15% of the connector industry, and it is expected to occupy a large proportion in the future driven by automotive electronics. In terms of product cost structure, China currently uses an average of only a few hundred yuan for each car. The cost of connectors for each car is about $125 to $150. The Chinese automotive connector market also has Great development potential. In the future, each car will use 600-1,000 electronic connectors, which is much larger than the number used today.

The huge potential of the market has attracted great attention from foreign manufacturers. Major automotive electronics companies such as Tyco, Delphi and FCI have stepped up their investment and layout in the Chinese connector market. Delphi even moved its center of automotive connector business to Shanghai. China will be expected to become an important production base for future global automotive connectors. In addition to the existing well-known international major factories, other manufacturers that have not yet set up factories in China will gradually establish production bases in China due to the continuous improvement of local demand, localized procurement, and cost advantages.

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