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The role of the car harness casing

The car's wiring harness can play a relatively large role in the running process of the car, but the car will generate vibration and other parts in the process of running, and some relatively sharp parts will cause certain wear and tear on them. The normal operation of the car, this time you need to use the wire harness detector to detect the car wiring harness, which is very helpful for the maintenance of the car wire harness. Since the automobile wiring harness is damaged by the components during use, the automobile wiring harness is wrapped with some casing or wrapping materials during the production process, and they can effectively improve the service life of the automobile wiring harness.

The role of the car harness casing

Why is the car wire harness so good in mechanical wear resistance during use, mainly because the outer bundle material design of the wire harness is composed of a special high-density structure, and the wiring harness during the installation process can also exhibit flexibility and limited space. In the engine compartment, it can be assembled according to a preset path.

The outer material of the automobile wiring harness is composed of a combination of polyester monofilament and multifilament, which can still not be deformed in a high temperature environment of 150 degrees Celsius, and has better resistance to the antifreeze of a conventional engine.

The harness protection sleeve has two integral adhesive strips. During the installation process, the first adhesive strip can help the staff to secure the wiring harness to the required position, so that the staff can The protective operation is carried out and the individual strips are effectively joined together using a second adhesive strip, which provides perfect protection of the strands without the need for additional tape or knotting.

The superior performance of the automotive wiring harness enables assembly to be quicker and more convenient, and the overlapping sections can be adjusted to allow the interior of the protective cover to be adjusted to the size of the harness, thus meeting the requirements for wear protection.

After the car harness is installed in the car, the car harness will always maintain a relatively compact space size and high elastic characteristics, which can reduce the wear of the car harness and the use of the harness detector.

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