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Connector diversification trend

From standard products to customization. As electronic products diversify and more and more smart products emerge, such as robots, drones, new energy vehicles, VR, etc., manufacturers need more customized connector products to meet product needs, connector manufacturers need to be with customers. Develop new products to meet different customer shapes and functional needs.

Connector diversification trend

From single to multiple signal transmission. As electronic products become thinner and lighter, connectors change from single signal transmission to multiple signal transmissions. The same cable requires simultaneous transmission of light, electricity or other signals, which also saves space and improves system reliability.

Miniaturization. Nowadays, electronic products are becoming increasingly thinner and lighter, and they are also driving the development of even small-sized products, connectors, and small-sized products, such as small size, low height, narrow pitch, multi-function, long life, and surface mounting. So connector manufacturers have to adapt to these changes to improve processes and designs.

From passive products to modular intelligence. In order to gain more profits, traditional connector manufacturers are turning connectors from a passive product to a modular product, such as a server cable provider, by adding active ICs to turn a single cable into a smart cable that can monitor data.

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