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development directions of new energy automotive connectors

In the automotive market, new energy vehicles have gradually become the mainstream. In addition to breakthroughs in key technologies such as batteries, motors, and electronic controls, core electronic components including connectors have greatly improved. Therefore, the use of green materials, to avoid pollution, and to reduce energy consumption have become factors that connector companies must consider, and these will become market advantages of products. As an important representative of the new energy vehicle connector, the rise of new energy vehicles naturally undergoes tremendous changes. Therefore, the connector will develop in the future of the new energy vehicle market in the four directions of safety, environmental protection, diversity and modules.

development directions of new energy automotive connectors

Safety: New energy automotive connectors are subject to higher current and voltage, and the connector is subjected to harsh environments such as high-intensity vibration, high temperature, water mist and dust during operation. Therefore, the safety of the connector must be concerned. The top priority. Yeahui's products have undergone thousands of test upgrades, can withstand low-temperature work from -40 °C to 105 °C, and strengthen the design in terms of insertion and extraction, dustproof and waterproof functions, and can meet the connection in different environments.

Environmental protection: The reason why the development of new energy vehicles is so rapid is that people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection. In the future, the choice of materials for connectors will become more severe, and the harm to the human body and the environment will be minimized.

Diversification: The diversification of the layout of new energy vehicle wiring harnesses will have more diverse requirements for the structure, installation space and size of connectors. Ames is a power plug for use in different spaces such as panel, horizontal and wire. The product is small to a dime size and is designed to meet the needs of different customers.

Module: The connector is gradually moving towards a modular design, tailoring large current plugs for customers to quickly meet the diverse needs of customers. Therefore, we have reason to believe that the connector will have a bright future in the future market.

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