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​What to consider when designing a molded connector

Molded connectors and wire assemblies are typically used with sensors and control devices that require easy disconnection. Molded connector and wire assembly solutions are widely available, but standard products are not always fully compliant with the application. What should be considered when designing a molded connector?

What to consider when designing a molded connector

1. Material selection of connecting nut and socket body

Molded connectors and wire assemblies are used in a variety of environments, many of which are harsh and extreme. Material selection should be based on the specific environmental needs of the particular application.

2. Overmolding and cable material selection

Injection molding allows overmolded wire assemblies to be produced in any shape or contour, and can be used in a variety of materials and colors to meet customer needs. These products can significantly improve their environmental performance and component reliability.

3. Installation and connection options

Another part of the customization process involves choosing from a variety of installation options and connection methods. But the premise of choosing them is not to affect their performance, and let us install connectors more convenient and more flexible.

4. Special wiring

Fully custom molded connectors and wire assemblies can be easily produced with special wiring configurations to meet specific application requirements. Special wiring options include parallel wiring, series wiring, combined wiring (one side in parallel and the other side in series), interlock circuit wiring and customer specified wiring.

5. Custom packaging and accessories

Molded connectors and wire assembly solutions can also be custom packaged, packaged and labeled. Packaging options may include heat sealed packaging to ensure that all contents are held together, resealable packaging to allow access to individual components, and bulk packaging for storage in inventory. Custom parts can group multiple components under a single SKU to enhance organization, reduce packaging material usage, reduce inventory and order errors, and increase overall efficiency.

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