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The reason why the connector is excellent in hard wiring

When designing and manufacturing industrial machinery and consumer devices, you will be faced with the option of "hard-wired" the cable point-to-point into the system or use a "plug-and-play" connector. In the long run, connector-based wiring is more practical and economical than hard wiring, so the connector is superior to the hard-wired five main reasons.

The reason why the connector is excellent in hard wiring

Connectors save time and cost more than hard wiring

Most industrial equipment contains a large number of wires between its components and subsystems. When an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) makes a product, it is usually assembled in the factory before shipment, and then the system is disassembled and disconnected. And shipped to the end user, reassembled here. If you need to hardwire all the cables into the system, then remove them and rewire them in the field, this can be a very time consuming task.

The pre-assembled connectors ensure that the cables are directly connected to the connectors, making the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the equipment more efficient, cost-effective and reliable, at every stage of the product's subsequent life cycle. It is easy to unlink and re-match the connector. This reduces the total time to terminate and completely eliminates the need for field termination. All in all, OEMs can use connectors to complete orders and installations faster than regular hardwired.

The connector has less error than the hardwired

In addition to the obvious disadvantages of hard wiring in terms of processing time, unpredictable costs may occur due to wiring errors during installation or maintenance. The use of connectors can reduce the skill of the installer or maintenance personnel without causing damage due to wiring errors.

Connectors waste less than hard wiring

Connectors reduce unnecessary waste on a range of materials, such as expensive cables (shortened by repeated rewiring) and other consumables (such as crimp terminals) that gradually increase over time.

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