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Why is the price difference of the wire harness

Most of the terminal wires belong to weak electric wires, and they are widely used in various fields such as life and industry. The use of terminal wires is very common, which are widely used in homes and electronic appliances. The quality of the terminal wire is very important. It is directly related to the safety of the product and the house. If the unqualified terminal wire is used, it is easy to cause a safety accident.

Why is the price difference of the wire harness

Nowadays, new homes need to use copper electronic wires, but copper electronic wires will also have good or bad points. For example, copper core is made of recycled copper, and recycled copper contains many impurities. Some inferior copper wires are not conductive than iron wires and can easily cause electrical accidents.

Nowadays, there are many specifications and price chaos in the terminal lines on the market. It is very difficult for consumers to choose. It is understood that the difference in the price of the terminal wires is huge because of the different raw materials used in the production process of the terminal wires. The main raw materials for electric wires are insulating materials, electrolytic copper and sheathing materials. There is a difference in price between electrolytic copper and recycled copper in the raw material market; in addition, the price difference of the wires is large because of the difference in length and the amount of rubber contained in the insulator.

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