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How to choose an aviation connector

As an electronic component, aviation connectors are mainly used in avionics. The electrical parameters of the aviation connector itself are the main issues that buyers should consider. So what should I consider when purchasing an aerospace connector? In general, the choice of aviation connector connector should consider three aspects: electrical parameter requirements, rated voltage, mounting method and shape.

How to choose an aviation connector

Electrical parameter requirements: The connector is an electromechanical component that connects the circuit. Therefore, the electrical parameters of the connector itself are the primary consideration in selecting a connector.

Rated voltage and current: The same withstand voltage indication as the aviation connector, can use different maximum working voltage according to different use environment and safety requirements. In order to limit the rated current, the temperature rise inside the electrical connector is actually limited to not exceed the design specified value. The problem to be aware of when selecting is that for multi-core electrical connectors, the rated current must be derated.

Installation method and shape: the shape of the aviation connector is very much. The user mainly chooses from the shape of the straight line, the curved shape, the outer diameter of the wire or cable and the fixing requirements of the outer casing, the volume, the weight, whether the metal hose needs to be connected, etc. the electrical connectors used on the panel should be choosing from aesthetic, shape, color, etc.

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