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​The environmental performance of waterproof connectors

Today's LED products is widely used. Some products are used indoors, some are used outdoors or in some harsh environments. If outdoor LED products are connected, it may be necessary to use waterproof connectors. The waterproof connector is divided into two parts, namely waterproof plug and waterproof cable. The main function is to ensure normal and safe current and signal transmission in watery environment or in harsh environment. Now widely used in LED outdoor equipment, Environments such as automation equipment and military fields.

The environmental performance of waterproof connectors

Four key points of common environmental performance indicators: including moisture resistance, temperature resistance, salt spray resistance, vibration resistance and impact resistance.

Moisture resistance

The intrusion of moisture has a great influence on the insulation performance of the connector, and it is easy to rust the metal parts. The constant damp heat test conditions are relative humidity of 95% (up to 98% according to product specifications), temperature of 20-60 ℃, and test time of at least 96 h according to product specifications. The alternating heat and humidity test is more stringent.

Temperature resistance

The current maximum operating temperature of the connector is 200 ℃ (except for high temperature special connectors), the lowest temperature is -65 ℃. Since the current generates heat at the contact point when the connector is in operation, resulting in a temperature rise, it is generally considered that the operating temperature should be equal to the ambient temperature heating.

Salt spray resistance

When the connector is operated in an environment containing moisture and salt, the metal structural parts and the surface of the contact surface are highly corroded, which affects the physical and electrical properties of the connector. The salt spray test is to suspend the connector in a temperature-controlled test chamber and spray it with compressed air at a specified concentration of sodium chloride solution to form a salt spray atmosphere. The exposure time is specified by the product specification for at least 48 hours.

Vibration and shock resistance

Vibration and shock resistance are important properties of electrical connectors. They are especially important in special applications such as aerospace and aerospace, railway and road transportation. They are important indicators for verifying the robustness and electrical contact reliability of electrical connectors.

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