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The five crimp connection method of automotive connectors

Automotive electrical connectors are specially designed for automotive electrical systems. The automotive system has undergone tremendous changes, enabling modern systems to be extensively connected and controlled through microprocessors, as well as adding high quality and reliability for Wiring and electrical connector. When selecting an automotive electrical connector for a vehicle, be sure to consider its current rating, circuit density, wire size, voltage, configuration, and meshing force. The following is a brief introduction to the crimping methods of the five automotive connectors.

The five crimp connection method of automotive connectors

Seamless crimp

Seamless crimp automotive electrical connectors are typically cut from a circular cut to make it look like a tube.

Seam-type crimping

The seam-type crimping automotive electrical connector is cut from a flat material. They are then rolled into a tube and have seams throughout the length of the joint.

Non-insulated crimp

Non-insulated crimp automotive electrical connectors are not insulated, so once they are crimped, they must be insulated with heat-shrink tubing using riveted tools.

Insulated crimp

Insulated crimp-on automotive electrical connectors are available in a variety of sizes and types, and the insulated connectors can be straight or flared toward the end. Therefore, it is important to ensure that this connector fits the insulation outside diameter of the wires and gauges.

Heat shrink insulation

Heat-shrinkable insulated electrical connectors are the best type of electrical connectors for all cars, they are also expensive because of their good water resistance, making them ideal for marine applications and under the hood.

In addition, according to the external dimensions, commonly used automotive electrical connectors can be divided into: multi-needle sealed connectors, terminal connectors, wire-to-board connectors, board-to-board connectors, and wire-to-wire electrical connectors.

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