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Definition and difference of USB A and B

The USB interface connector has many different types of shapes and sizes, each USB interface have different purpose of efficient use of the device, making it easier for the user to identify. USB Type-A and USB Type-B interface connectors are widely used. This article mainly introduces the definition and difference of USB A-type interface and B-type interface.

Definition and difference of USB A and B

USB Type A Interface Definition

USB Type-A, called Standard A, is the first original design of the USB interface with flat and rectangular shapes. It is primarily used to connect and control other USB devices, such as saving data on an external storage device and using a mouse and keyboard.

USB Type-A is mainly used for host devices (desktops, laptops, game consoles, media players, etc.). Even if the device and host use different USB versions (such as USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports), the Type A connector is always compatible with the Type A interface.

USB B type interface definition

The USB Type B interface is the most commonly found on the other end of a standard USB Type-A cable, which is typically plugged into different external devices (printers, phones, external hard drives, etc.). USB Type-B is the same as Type-A, the end is called B-Male, and the port on the external device plugged into the connector is called B-female.

Since most external devices vary in shape and size, they have different labels, such as Standard-B, Mini-B USB, Micro-B USB, Micro-USB 3.0, and Standard-B USB 3.0.

The difference between USB A type interface and USB B type interface

What is the difference between a USB Type A interface and a Type B interface? In addition to their pin configuration, they come in different shapes and sizes. These shapes are designed to match different peripherals of different sizes.In the case of smart-phones, most of the phones used can be recharged by using cable connectors, but for efficiency, a small connector should be used to match the standard thinness of the phone.

The main difference is that Type A USB is usually designed to be connected to other USB devices as a host, while Type B USB is usually used to control external devices. For example, the one connected to the computer will be Type-A, it will be the host, and the other end connected to the printer will be the Type-B that controls the printer.

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