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What to pay attention to when crimping connectors

We know that in many aspects of the industrial field, We use connectors which require crimping. We also need use special connecting tools When these connectors are produced. If special tools are not used, there may be cases where the connection is not connected or the contact is poor. Therefore, when the connector is crimped, attention should be paid to these five points to avoid mistakes in the connector production process.

What to pay attention to when crimping connectors

The dimensions of the connectors and wires must comply with the relevant requirements, and there are clear regulations in the instruction manual.

For manual crimping, the movement of each part should be smooth, the interface should be able to be docked, and the wire should be kept at the proper tension.

The connector should be closed at the correct height during crimping and placed in the correct position. The crimping joint must not have a threaded end.

After the crimping is completed, its appearance should be checked, and the next step can be performed after the confirmation is correct. The items to be inspected vary depending on the type of the connector.

We should also pay attention on the length of the crimping wire. The crimping lengths of different connectors are different.

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