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​FFC/FPC Connector and Cable Compatibility Basics

Did you know that Molex manufactures both FFC/FPC connectors and the jumper cables that mate into them? In the electronics world, these two products are like peanut butter and jelly – many times sold and utilized together. Molex aims to support its customers in the best possible way by providing a complete interconnect solution.

FFC/FPC Connector and Cable Compatibility Basics

Molex takes the guess work out of selecting the best mating connector and cable for your application. For starters, our FFC/FPC connector and cable teams work together to make sure that our specifications and tolerances align to ensure compatibility and reliability. If you see an FFC/FPC connector on Digi-Key’s website, you can often find the mating Premo-Flex cable linked in the product information.

It is helpful to have an FFC/FPC connector selected before the mating Premo-Flex cable, because the connector will tell you a lot about the type of cable you need. Start with the easy specifications. If you have a connector with 30 circuits, you are going to need a cable with 30 circuits.  If your connector contacts are spaced 0.50 mm apart, then your cable will need to have a pitch of 0.50 mm as well. Lastly, check the plating of your connector. Is it tin, gold, or another material? The plating of the connector and cable should always match to avoid quality risks.

You should now have all the information you need to select the mating cable for your application. Additionally, Molex always recommends sampling a cable or two to try out in your application and to perform reliability testing.

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