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​what is the cause of the damage to the cable

Cables are required for both life and work. Commonly there are car cables, electronic cables, terminal cables and connecting harnesses in various types of equipment. Problems with these cables can easily lead to the inability of the machine and equipment to function properly. In this case, the manufacturer considers this when designing the cable, so multiple tests are performed during the production process. So what is the cause of the damage to the cable?

what is the cause of the damage to the cable

1. The reason for the natural damage of the  cable during use can be caused by the long time of use of the product. Each product has a certain life span, and nothing can be used for a lifetime without damage.

2. The mechanical properties of the cable are reduced, which is very likely to cause an open circuit and a short circuit between the wires. This will directly cause the cable to burn out, and the terminal of the product will be oxidized and deformed, which will result in The bad contact occurred, causing the device not to work properly.

3. In the process of inspection and assembly, if the metal object crushes the wire harness, it will cause the insulation layer of the product to rupture. Therefore, the cable is prone to short circuit, and the wire harness may be burnt out. In the event of overload operation during the operation of the equipment, an open circuit and a short circuit may occur, which may directly cause damage to the cable. There are also some faults that may be caused by the process of assembly or overhaul.

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