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What to pay attention to when purchasing connectors

The cable is one of the types of electronic wire harnesses, and is widely used in various electronic devices, such as electric vehicles, household appliances, communication equipment, automation equipment, and the like, and different functions of the electronic harness connecting wires have different production standards, specific Including the specifications of the wire, the thickness of the terminal cable, the material of the wire harness, and so on.

What to pay attention to when purchasing connectors

Some informal manufacturers use recycled PVC for the insulation layer, recycled copper, copper clad aluminum, steel wire or several hybrids for the core conductor. These kinds of conductor resistance are very harmful to electronic equipment, so be careful when choosing.

The regular cable insulation layer must be made of new anti-oxidation PVC plastic. The core conductor is made of oxygen-free copper, tin-plated copper or silver-plated copper made by air isolation. It must be processed by multiple processes and precise equipment.

The high-quality cable not only has good insulation and heat resistance, but also the wire core conductor must be specially connected so that it has sufficient density to reduce the resistance value, capacitance and inductance, and output a sufficient amount of current. Judging the merits of the connecting line can not only look at the size of the appearance, but more importantly, look at the thickness of the copper core inside. Because some of the connecting wires make the rubber very thick and the copper core is very thin, it is mainly confirmed by the size of the cut surface of the copper core.

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