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​Yeahui DT-Series connector

Whether tractors, excavators or construction machines, the segment IVCM (Industrial Vehicles and Construction Machines) places high demands on the connectors used. The Yeahui series of overmoulded DT valve connectors is assembled in-house and overmoulded and thus provides optimal protection against external influences in harsh environments, for example in underground applications, low temperatures or in dusty, hot conditions.

Yeahui DT-Series connector

The DT and VSS- Superseal connector series are designed as cable to cable connection and are latched and locked via a latch with the mating connector. Due to the Yeahui overmould, the protection degree IP67 / IP68 is complied with for the entire connector in mated condition.

Yeahui is a connector supplier with 11 years of experience in developing high quality connectors and wiring harnesses. wo have many types of products, including obd connector, circular connector, agricultural connector and so on.We can meet the requirements of various customers. Feel free to learn more about connectors or buy our connectors,looking forward to your message.

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