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What should I pay attention to when designing the connector

For almost all equipment, the ultimate goal of manufacturing is to make it easier to use, and for connector manufacturers, pay attention to the connector manufacturing process when designing connectors. What should I pay attention to when designing the connector?

What should I pay attention to when designing the connector

1. The connector is good or not, not determined by the power of the function, but by the ease of use of the connector, that is, the connector can be used while it can complete its own functions, which is the first principle to designing the connector .

2. Designing the connector requires familiarity with the environment in which the connector is used, and the taboos it uses.

3. The designed connector should have reasonable maintenance mode and reserve adjustment connector space, in order to facilitate the maintenance of the connector in the later stage.

4. When the connector is designed, the mechanical properties of the connector must meet the basic requirements.

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