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Gold plating on the connector will affect the service life

In order to extend the service life of automotive connectors, automotive connector manufacturers will apply metal to the surface of the connector to resist oxidation and wear to prolong service life.  However, sometimes the color of the gold-plated layer of the automotive connector terminal will have some color difference, which is also a quality problem?Does the gold quality of the car connector affect the life of the connector?The service life of the automotive connector is related to the nature of the coated metal, and the connector has problems during the gold plating process, which may cause chromatic aberration.

 Gold plating on the connector will affect the service life

1. The gold-plated raw materials have impurities, which may cause color difference in the plating metal of the terminal of the automobile connector.

When making the plating material of the terminal of the automobile connector, once the impurities introduced by the material exceed the tolerance of the gold plating liquid, the color and brightness of the gold layer are affected. Organic impurities can cause darkening and fading of the metal layer; metal impurities can cause the coating to become red or even black, and the color change in the pores is more obvious.

2. The gold plating current density is too large, which will also affect the color difference of the automotive connector terminals.

In the calculation of the total area of the plated parts, if the error is calculated incorrectly, larger than the actual surface area, the amount of gold plating current will be abnormal, and the metal layer will be red.

3. Gold plating aging also affects the gold plating results of automotive connector terminals

The gold plating solution is used for too long, and it is easy to cause excessive accumulation of impurities in the plating solution, which may cause the color of the gold layer to be abnormal. Plugging and unplugging during gold plating can also easily lead to the plating effect of the automotive connector terminals, which in turn affects the service life of the automotive connector.

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