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​Some knowledge about IDC connectors

The IDC connector technology requires good operation because metal to metal contact occurs during assembly. If the connector joint remains mechanically stable, additional diffusion welding may occur over time, which may improve the connector joint. However, stress relaxation and creep of the connector terminals and wires may also reduce reliability. Typically, the IDC connector terminals not only bite the insulating layer, but also apply a large amount of pressure on the wire to form a cold weld.

Some knowledge about IDC connectors

The mechanical stability of the IDC connector depends on many factors, including the spring characteristics of the connector terminals or connections and the load and strain placed on the wires, which can be improved by the design of the connector. The external strain relief of the cable greatly increases the long-term reliability of the connector joint because it prevents movement at the wire terminal interface, and the design of the IDC terminal also plays an important role.

Further, the connecting wire has an effect that since the stranded wire harness is under a compressive load, since the bundle is slack in the groove due to mechanical interference, stress relaxation and creep, there is a tendency that the contact force is lowered. This may be affected by the number of wires in the wire and the stranding or stranding, the plating of the top of the conductor and the type of insulation. This can result in a better connection if a solid line is used, but the line itself is usually not as strong. Typically, most ribbon cables are multi-stranded to provide optimum performance.

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