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The advantages of the FPC connector

The FPC connector is a large class of connectors, and it is estimated that many people do not know what connector it belongs to, so it is even less likely to know what advantages it has. Here are some of the advantages of the FPC connector, I hope to help you a bit.

The advantages of the FPC connector

FPC connector has excellent RF performance and unique structure. FPC connector uses Connect FlexTM to improve transmission efficiency, with low inductance and high frequency, which provides more guarantee for high quality transmission.

FPC connector is easy to maintain and operability. FPC connector is innovative and improved based on the traditional connector pin solution, making the transmission between contacts more stable and fast, while reducing faults and maintenance. By replacing the entire contact arrangement with an intermediate film, the structure of the connector can be effectively simplified, making maintenance more difficult.

FPC connector has small pitch and many contact points. It is composed of various types of pins with a pitch as low as 0.3mm, which is very suitable for micro devices.

FPC connector is low cost and high efficiency. The implementation of the interlayer film can solve the problem of too many pins in the traditional pin solution. The integrated contact point product can be applied to products with different spacing and contact points, reducing the cost of the original solution by a factor of five at the lowest cost. In other words, despite the ever-increasing number of pins, maximum cost-effectiveness and minimal rate increase are guaranteed.

The FPC connector is very reliable. The data proves that the FPC connector is used up to 500,000. With proven technology and excellent quality, they can uniquely maintain a stable connection transmission up to 500,000 times, and the reliability of FPC connectors is undeniable.

FPC connector can be customized according to requirements and adaptability. To meet the different product specifications required by individual customers, the FPC connectors are designed to be flexible with cable lengths starting from 15mm and spacing between 0.3mm and 1.0mm. FPC connectors are the ideal adaptable component in the manufacture of products that meet customer requirements.

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