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​what is a flat cable connector

Flat cable connectors allow compact electrical conductor and piping designs to package power signals, video data and pneumatic tubing in a flat profile. Reduces space and weight by eliminating the multi-layer shield and jacket packing used in round cables and has an extremely long life. The following is mainly about what is a flat cable connector.

what is a flat cable connector

Due to its flat, compact design, flat cables are more flexible than round cables, especially in highly flexible applications such as robotics, drag and auto-processing equipment. They are also suitable for military, aerospace, medical and clean room systems. This flexibility can be attributed to the equal bending of the flat cable in the same plane, reducing the distortion and stress of the round cable. The flat cable provides a small bend radius and is designed to accommodate compact and compact spaces up to tens of millions of designs.

The conductors in the flat cable connector are equally spaced and the travel distance is exactly the same. However, in a round cable, the wires are twisted and rotated within the cable, causing the pitch and stroke length to constantly change. Flat cables have significantly better electrical performance than circular cables, including faster signal speeds, less skew and higher current carrying capacity due to the consistent straight path of current in the flat cable.

A final advantage of flat cable connector designs is that they are easier to terminate and identify than round cables due to their parallel conductor layout. This parallel design also means they are easy to repair, and this equality makes the design more robust because stress and load are evenly distributed throughout the cable.

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