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Prospects for new energy automotive connectors

In recent years, as people's requirements for safety, environmental protection, comfort, and intelligence have become higher and higher, more and more new functions have been added to automobiles, such as safety systems, comfort systems, navigation,instruments and so on. This will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of connector applications. In the future, each car will use many connectors, and the demand for the automotive connector market is quite large and stable.

Prospects for new energy automotive connectors

From the perspective of new energy vehicle sales, China still ranks first in the world, which provides a good environment for the development of domestic auto parts manufacturers. However, there is still a big gap between Chinese connector companies and international connector companies. The domestic connector manufacturers are mainly manufacturers of self-owned brands. With the gradual improvement of R&D capabilities of various domestic manufacturers, the gradual improvement of various qualification certifications, and the advantages of lower labor costs and faster response speed, the opportunity to enter the list of joint venture suppliers will become larger in the future, and once they enter the automotive connector The market will bring greater improvement to the company's performance.

New energy vehicles are characterized by energy conservation, environmental protection and advanced nature. They are now favored by the whole world, and new energy vehicles have the potential to completely replace traditional vehicles. The market potential has great room for development. In new energy vehicles and ancillary facilities, a large number of connectors, especially high-voltage connectors, are required. High-performance connectors are important parts for the safety of new energy vehicles. In the future, with the explosion of the new energy vehicle market, the demand for connectors will be greatly improved, and the connector industry has a bright market prospect.

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